You Are Never Alone

When life gets difficult, is God paying attention? If I'm facing challenge after challenge, will God help? When my days become dark and stormy, does God notice? The answer in the life-giving stories in the Gospel of John is a resounding yes. In You Are Never Alone, pastor and New York Times bestselling author Max Lucado reminds us that our miracle-working God sees us, cares about us, and will always come to our aid, no matter what we're up against. By tracing Jesus' miracles as told in the book of John, You Are Never Alone invites us to take a closer look at the good news John shares with each of us: God is never afraid to meet us in the middle of life's messes, extend a helping hand, and lift us out of our troubles. You Are Never Alone will equip you to: Get unstuck and take your first step into a better tomorrow Dwell in the grace of the cross and the miracle of the empty tomb Believe that God is your ever-present source of help and hope Take comfort that you are never without God's protection You Are Never Alone also includes thoughtful, comprehensive reflection questions designed to go along with each chapter, giving you a chance to dive even deeper into the ways that God walks with you every step of the way.


Does your life seem to be empty, without meaning and/or purpose? Is the intense feeling of emptiness driving you into substance abuse, alcohol or promiscuous activities? Do you feel abandoned, because family and friends have distanced themselves from you? Maybe your testimony as a Christian has opened the flood gates of satan to drown the life out of you and you just don’t feel you can make it any more, because it’s too much for you to bear. Well, listen to this. The God that I serve, His name is Jehovah. He is greater than the adversity you are facing. You are not alone! From a divine perspective, I say this to you: Fight the good fight of faith! Hold on to the faithfulness of God’s Word and endure difficulties without wavering. And then, according to 1 Peter 5:10, “...may the God of all grace, who called us to His eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after you have suffered a while, perfect, establish, strengthen and settle you.” Glory to God!!! YOU ARE NOT ALONE! God will transform your loneliness into infinite happiness. No amount of friends, social gatherings, family get-togethers, movies, sports or lovers can ever fill the inner void from which loneliness originates. Only God can. When all our entertainments and “busy-ness” fail us, it’s time to look outside ourselves to our heavenly Father, Jehovah. Because He lives, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY NEVER ALONE!

You Are Never Alone

He tells her He has always been with her, and He wants her undivided attention. You Are Never Alone follows the prison sentence and spiritual journey of author Trish Hart-from spiritual rags to spiritual riches A virtual treasure chest of love, compassion, faith and hope, readers will laugh and cry as they discover small miracles performed by a faithful God in each chapter as a result of Trish's prayerful spirit. God changes her life, and her message is clear-You Are Never Alone


YOU ARE NEVER ALONE is for all spiritual seekers. Not a one of us is ever alone. We all came into this lifetime on Earth accompanied by a host of loving, understanding Spirit friends, who are with us every moment of every day and night, waiting patiently to assure us that no matter how lost and alone we feel, we are truly not alone; we are, in fact, loved, cared for, and protected forever. How marvelous to know that gentle, compassionate, loving guidance is as close as the air we breathe! We have only to listen for the voices of our Spirit friends, who want to help us remember the Real Spiritual Truth of our God-created Beings. Like many of you, I grew up in a confusing, tumultuous home filled not with loving support and encouragement, but with anger, hatred, and abuse. As a child and teenager, I believed the only way to escape was to leave home and go off on my own. I managed to put myself through college and was thrilled to begin a career in my chosen field, yet, inside, I still did not feel the way I wanted to feel. In desperation, I began to search for a way to heal the anxiety and depression I was suffering from. My path to wholeness was not easy and back then, not a great deal of help was available. Eventually, I did find answers and over the years, have evolved from the frightened lost soul I used to be . . . the scared young woman who was afraid to speak up, or even to feel my own feelings . . . to one who can relax and even assert herself when necessary. By learning how to communicate with my loving Spirit Guides and to know that my Guardian Angels are always nearby to help and protect me, fear is no longer a part of my life. I now feel confident and assured of my rightful place in this magnificent Universe that God created for each of us to enjoy! Many wonderful books on this subject have already been written. However, in my quest to uncover the truth, I found that too often they generally just tell the seeker where they "should" be in their spiritual journey and how they "should" be feeling. Because I was not yet "there" I came away feeling guilty for my failure to already be the person the author declared I should be. The Gentle Reminders in YOU ARE NEVER ALONE remind you of the Truths that, deep down in your heart, you already know. But because we have all spent many years and lifetimes wandering around in the dark, our human hearts and minds are filled with a host of unexamined beliefs, painful memories, guilt over past failures, and faded dreams for a better future. Most of the Gentle Reminders in YOU ARE NEVER ALONE were given to me by my Spirit Friends. All will gently help you recognize how your old unhealthy beliefs are no longer serving you; and how to bring them to conscious awareness to be transformed by love. These Spiritual Truths will help you as they have helped me. They will allow you to relax and enjoy a peaceful, love-filled life. No matter where you are now on your spiritual journey, these Gentle Reminders will lovingly guide and lead you along the path to your True Divine Destiny. A peaceful, joyous, life upon this Earth is right now awaiting your discovery. The Gentle Reminders in YOU ARE NEVER ALONE will truly help you. May God bless and comfort each of you as you search out the truths you seek. "This book touched me deeply. Wonderful and thoughtful. You will be glad you read it." --5 Star Review. "A great read that needs to be recognized. It serves as a self help guide to remembering who we truly are. I often turn to this book when I find myself feeling overwhelmed." --5 Star Review. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE is also available in print from major online bookstores.

You Are Never Alone Bible Study Guide

What is the message behind the miracles of Jesus? Max Lucado will take you and your study group on an investigation of the Gospel of John to answer this question and to show us that our miracle-working God is always nearer than we think. When Jesus healed the sick, walked on water, resurrected Lazarus, turned water into wine: what do these miraculous signs mean for us? What do they tell us about our God? John chose the stories and events from Jesus' life that he believed would make his readers understand this essential message about who Jesus is: that God is with us. Each part of this 6-session video study guide (DVD/video streaming sold separately) makes this message clear in a different aspect of our lives. Sessions include: God is With You in the Ordinary God is With You When You're Stuck God is With You in the Storm God is With You in the Dark God is With You in the Valley God is With You When You Need Grace As you work through this study guide, you'll come to understand God's nearness in new ways. You'll see with fresh perspective how God hears us, forgives us, heals us. You'll learn that you are stronger than you think because God is nearer than you know. Designed for use with the You Are Never Alone Video Study available on DVD or streaming video, sold separately.

You're Never Alone

This is a true account of a woman from the rustic Sierra mountains of Peru, born to poverty, illiteracy, superstition, and family alcoholism. She struggles to find her own self-worth in a harsh and confusing world. Ultimately, she discovers what she is convinced is the answer to the secret of happiness in this life, and from that moment on she begins living a rich and rewarding life. Her jubilation over what she has found causes her to want to disclose this secret to the world, hence she has authorized the creation of this book about her life and this miraculous discovery.

Never Alone Again

Autumn Goldschmidt had everything going for her, her dreams where full, her family and friends were right by her side, nothing was going to stop her, she felt on top of the world knowing her whole life was ahead of her, but that all changed on that dreadful night when she was left all alone after her parents passed away in a car accident. If that wasn't enough, she was then ripped away from the only other family and life she knew. Autumn's aunt and uncle had made the choice to ship her off to a boarding school telling her it was in her best interest. Autumn wanted to stay and had begged them to let her stay with them, but once the cab door was shut and she was closed off from the only family she knew, she allowed the walls to build up around her heart and she vowed never to return to Jackson, Montana ever again. Autumn started her life over in Homer, Nevada where she opened a small little shop, where she threw herself into her work. She made a point not to make friends or see anyone. Her life had become her shop until her best friend Nichole asked her to come back to Jackson, Montana where all her dreams had disappeared and her abandonment issues started. Once Autumn was back in Jackson Montana, she had all her raw emotions she tried to bury dead inside of her, seep out and things started to happen to her once more.

Never Alone

In a warm and vivid style, the author describes life with her identical twin from early childhood to young adulthood. The setting is Bavaria in the mid 1930s to the 1950s. The twins' closeness helps them cope with the adversities of war and the untimely death of their father. They share the same experiences and emotions, and they enjoy the same activities. They view their togetherness as the key to happiness and promise each other never to get separated, never to get married. As teenagers they fend off a persistent suitor that pursues one of them while threatening the other. But then, in their early twenties, the twins fall in love with the men of their dreams, men totally different in their backgrounds, education and personalities. One is a German physicist, the other an Arabian businessman. Yet, in spite of living and raising their families in two different continents, the twins maintain their close relationship.

My Destiny: Lonely, but Never Alone!

Prepare You for YOUR DESTINY! A non-fi ction book, my autobiography, I have written about all my bumps and bruises, in pursuit of MY DESTINY!. But since the gifts and callings of God or irrevocable, it has come to past. I pray and hope rhat this book blesses you, because I was blessed in writiig it. I am thankful, to all those who meant evil against me, for God has used it for His good and glory, Amen! Whatever happened to you, allthough it was bad, but if it brought you closer to God-then it really was good! Not my fault - But now my problem! Confi dence: The feeling you have, before you understand the situation! You do not choose Your Destiny! - But Your Destiny! does choose you! Wisdom is better than weapons of war! How you thought it would kill me - But it didnt Adversity does lead to accomplishment! How to accomplish Your Destiny! Destined to walk in love! SEASONS DO CHANGE AND IT IS ABOUT TIME!

Never Alone

A classic account of courage, integrity, and most of all, belonging In 1977, Natan Sharansky, a leading activist in the democratic dissident movement in the Soviet Union and the movement for free Jewish emigration, was arrested by the KGB. He spent nine years as a political prisoner, convicted of treason against the state. Every day, Sharansky fought for individual freedom in the face of overt tyranny, a struggle that would come to define the rest of his life. Never Alone reveals how Sharansky's years in prison, many spent in harsh solitary confinement, prepared him for a very public life after his release. As an Israeli politician and the head of the Jewish Agency, Sharansky brought extraordinary moral clarity and uncompromising, often uncomfortable, honesty. His story is suffused with reflections from his time as a political prisoner, from his seat at the table as history unfolded in Israel and the Middle East, and from his passionate efforts to unite the Jewish people. Written with frankness, affection, and humor, the book offers us profound insights from a man who embraced the essential human struggle: to find his own voice, his own faith, and the people to whom he could belong.